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  • Recycled t-shirt yarn is now available at Cotcord.
  • From black to white. 8 shades of grey.
  • 7kg each. ❤️
  • For our followers discount 15% on braided and twisted cords until end of March 2024. Apply INSTA2024 at the checkout  to enjoy your discounted prices. Free shipping for orders over £70. 
Promo valid only in UK.
  • 🤣Funny days! I’ve  found Cotcord first spool ever manufactured.🤣🤣 You want a bid on it? 🤣
  • Christmas collection for 2023. Join me with this 5mm braided to create your perfect macrame Christmas Day. ❤️😊
  • When I am working it’s always amaze me how I am making such a great job and still staying humble. 🤪