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Dusty Pink 5mm single twisted cotton cord 1000 metres reel


Manufactured in UK by Cotcord

PREMIUM 5mm Single Twisted Cotton Cord 

Macrame Cord , Crochet Cord , Knitting , Weaving , Macrame

100% Recycled Cotton 

Whole Skein Approx 2000 meters 

Whole Skein Weight Approx 6.6-7kg


Premium 5mm Single Twisted Cotton Cord 

Soft, and strong ,perfect fo  brushing out to form tassels and feathers.

Excellent for Macrame bags, Macrame projects, craft projects, coasters ,baskets, rugs, pads , trimming, attaching gift card, DIY and much more.

Diameter is approximate as string naturally expands after it is unwound from the skein.

Recommended Hook : 8-10mm

Can be machine washed on 30-40C  

Weight Whole Skein Approx 6.7-7kg

Due to differences between different monitors / screens, the picture may not reflect the actual colour of the item.

We recommend to purchase the right amount of string for the one-time use (project) due to the fact,  that colours from different production batches may be different. 

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